The industry standard for substance addiction treatment

Our mission is to set and maintain the industry standard for substance addiction treatment by building a network of high quality detoxification and treatment facilities and connecting them with individuals in need of addiction relief.

Our management team is compiled of substance abuse recovery and treatment specialists including Clinical Psychologists, Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Meghan Marcum, and Psychiatrist and MD, Dr. Eugene Dorsey as well as operational executives including our Executive Director, Richard Plaskett and the Director of Business Development, David Ludington. Together with our finance team we identify geographic locations suitable for detox and recovery center developments. Success is based on our ability to identify profitable locations, obtain the necessary licensing, and drive patients to our facilities with aggressive marketing budgets.

Our 24/7 call center is staffed with compassionate treatment consultants who prescreen potential clients to verify their financial situation and insurance benefits, as well as their level of need for our services. With over 25 years of real world experience in the substance abuse treatment industry, our consultants have the necessary skill set to identify the needs of the caller, how to direct them into our treatment center, and how to avoid the conversational pitfalls that cause many potential clients to get “cold feet.”

Utilizing our vast industry knowledge and decades of substance abuse treatment experience, a US Detox Center can turn a profit within the first month operation. To find out more about this humane and highly profitable business model, simply request an overview of our latest project by clicking here.

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