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USDC was established to fill a gaping hole in a multibillion-dollar market place while helping to save the lives of those afflicted with drug and/or alcohol dependence. USDC is in the business of establishing and financing for profit substance abuse treatment centers nationwide.

The growth of the substance abuse treatment market, the lack of treatment facilities to meet rising demand, the accompanying growth of “Behavioral Health” payment options, and the fragmentation of the substance abuse treatment industry represents a tremendous opportunity for USDC and its Partners and Investors to save thousands of lives while gaining substantial returns and positive monthly cashflow.

The Market for addiction treatment is estimated at $35 billion per year and growing and there is a tremendous shortfall of treatment facilities to accommodate this rising need. USDC identifies geographical areas and physical locations where a substantial need for treatment facilities is evident and cost effective. Together with our strategic partners and our investors, we acquire and repurpose the facility, install management, and operate the treatment center for profit.

USDC has just released its latest partnership, The Wichita Project, which is slated to open within 90 days of funding. To find out more about this project and learn how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity, go to the tab marked projects on this site or simply click HERE.

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